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Microsoft is currently introducing its Mixer Create app for both iOS and Android users. The Mixer app will now allow gamer’s to stream mobile games. The app support mobile gameplay streaming.

Users on Android can Stream any games , but gamer’s on iOS would need the support of Apple’s ReplayKit to enable streaming from an iPhone. This is due to some of the restrictions of the iOS platform.

Popular games like Star Trek, Goat Simulator and more will however be supported for iOS users and they don’t need the Apple’s ReplayKit for streaming. The app also includes co streaming for users to team up with PC or Xbox One streamers in a single session.

The app also supports full access to chat interface during broadcasts and users can also use the phone app to chat if the broadcasting is done on another device. The Mixer Create app is now available for download from the respective app store and users interested can get it by click these links for App Store and Google Play Store.