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Microsoft had earlier introduced an Skype Lite Messenger app for India market on Android. Today the company is introducing another new feature “SMS Insights” for the Skype Lite Messenger application. The features presents a glance in smart categories which enables users to get things done more quickly via action links.

The Skype Lite App is a light weight, data friendly messaging application which is specifically launched for Indian users on Android. The SMS Insight feature is designed to pull relevant information from SMS messages.

The feature uses machine learning models to bring relevant information from SMS on phones. SMS Insights will be enabled for users once they give SMS permission to Skype Lite App.

The feature enables you to keep track of appointments, check your bank balance and more. Currently the SMS Insights feature is only available for Skype Lite App for Android and users can download it by clicking the below Play Store link.

Download Skype Lite app for Android