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Unigram Preview, is an unofficial Telegram Client having its app for all Windows 10 family device like PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Xbox One and HoloLens. The Unigram team has been working very hard it adding lot of new features and is the best unofficial app to replace Telegram for Windows 10 users.

The Unigram Preview App supports most of the features like Notifications and is available for download on the Windows Store. Seeing the performance of the application and support the Preview app has received in the Windows Store, the official Telegram Team has reported the Unigram application on their own Official site on the download page and has also been given a channel badge verified at the Unigram News channel.

Though the Unigram is in Preview, the app is very fast and fluid and users who have already downloaded are very happy with the app performance and features the app provides some of which are not available in the Official Telegram app for Windows 10 devices.

If any of our users have not tried the Unigram Preview App, they can do so by clicking the below link. Do let us know your first impressions of the application in the comments below.

Download Unigram Preview app for Windows 10