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So far in August, Microsoft released only one build for Windows 10 while Windows 10 Mobile has been updated twice on the Windows Insider program. It’s been more than two weeks since Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 PCs on the Fast Ring. Even today, no new builds are coming.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar tweeted and confirmed that no new builds for Windows Insiders will be released today. The company hasn’t provided any specific reason behind the delay in release.

Dona Sarkar confirmed that a new build could be released tomorrow for the Fast Ring Insiders. “Windows Insiders, the selfhost feedback is looking good still for a Wed build release. No builds today,” Dona Sarkar wrote on Twitter.

Microsoft has been delaying the preview builds for Windows 10 PCs due to a rollback bug. While on other hand, as Microsoft prefers to release builds for both operating systems together, there had been no new builds for Windows 10 Mobile.