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Microsoft at its event at Gamescom on Sunday revealed some details about the Xbox One X which included its Release date, Opening of the console’s Pre orders and more. The Redmond Giant also confirmed that it is planning to release a new interface for the Xbox One X with a Light Mode.

The company says that the users will be experiencing a Normal Interface experience with the new Light Mode. The Light Mode is expected to be released to users in the upcoming Insider Preview Builds for Testers.

There has been no specific time frame given as to when the Light Mode will be made available for Preview Build users. Windows 10 users might already have experience of the Light theme and Xbox One will now be the new entrant in the Windows 10 line to receive the Light Theme option.


Users of the Xbox One will definitely appreciate the addition of the New Light Theme option and we will be letting our users know as and when the feature is available for Preview Build users.