The Windows 10’s Continuum feature turns your phone into a PC. It lets you connect your phone to a monitor and turn the monitor into a PC with help of a mouse and keyboard. Continuum is one of the best features in Windows 10 Mobile, but not all apps are currently supporting Continuum.

The popular movies & TV shows streaming service, Netflix doesn’t support Continuum yet. With the latest preview builds for Windows 10 Mobile, Netflix now finally works in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile.

Earlier the users were unable to play content on Netflix’s official website in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has finally fixed the bug and you can now watch Netflix in Microsoft Edge on your Windows Phone.

As Microsoft Edge finally supports Netflix, you can use Windows 10 Mobile Continuum to stream Netflix on the monitor. Furthermore, you can now also watch Amazon Prime videos in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Jack Smith

    Nobody should be using Edge until MS can get it secure.

    At Pawned 2017 Edge was basically hacked at will. Penetrated over and over again.

    Edge should be avoided as it is highly insecure!

  • Kiel Bilson

    I was using Netflix via the edge browser within continuum a year ago lol and full youtube

  • Asif Shadab Malick

    Great news. ..can’t wait to try out amazon prime…was not upset about not having the prime app in the windows store but it killed me to not being able to do that in browsee yet on my lumia. Somehow managed to do it on monument browser after learning it in wc forums. Excited about edge support now as that is my primary browser on lumia and compbook. Frankly dont care about netflix because it is far too expensive than amazon prime and also requires credit card even for free trial.