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Just a few days ago, Microsoft renamed Windows 10 Photos app to Story Remix. The Windows Insiders are disappointed as the name ‘Story Remix’ literally makes no sense as the app’s basic feature is to show photos stored on your device.

Microsoft’s employee has already confirmed that they are testing different names for the app with the Insiders. The change is not coming to all users once Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Today, yet another update has been rolled out to Windows 10 Photos (Story Remix) app and it has been renamed to ‘Photos & Videos”. It also seems to be a temporary change as the new name could create even more confusion.

Photos & Videos name is much better than Story Remix as it reflects the key features of the app. It might create confusion as there is already Movies & TV for videos. However, as it is a temporary change, we can still expect a better name before the public release.