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It seems Microsoft hasn’t completely given up on Windows 10 Mobile despite reports that they have. Despite spending around $7.2 billion to acquire Nokia’s phone business, Microsoft’s mobile business hasn’t witnessed growth in past few years. A new report from a reliable source recently confirmed that Microsoft has internally planned to support current Windows Phones until the end of 2018. Meaning that Windows 10 Mobile will continue to receive updates with minor features and as well as the new first-party apps.

Microsoft recently updated the View 3D app on Windows 10 PCs and Tablets with the ability to add 3D Object into the local environment. The feature uses the device’s camera for putting the 3D models into the real environment. It is, however, a useless feature on desktops and Microsoft still hasn’t launched the feature for Windows 10 Mobile.

A new report from an Italian website has now confirmed that View 3D app on Windows 10 Mobile may soon get a new feature that will let you add the 3D models into the real environment through the phone’s camera. However, there’s no word on the official availability of the new feature for Windows 10 Mobile.

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Microsoft has already compiled the app for Windows Phones and they are internally testing the new version. As it is in beta testing, there are some bugs like when putting the 3D models into the picture, the preview will be awful in terms of quality. However, the final picture will be well optimized and also good in terms of quality.

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