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Feedback Hub has been an integral part of Windows 10 from the start of Insider Program when Microsoft had started the Windows 10’s development. The process of getting feedbacks from insiders has itself been evolved a lot by Microsoft. And Now Microsoft wants to take the interactions with Windows Insiders to a next level.

Microsoft’s Cheif of Windows Insiders community Dona Sarkar has asked Insiders about how they want Insiders who have reported the bugs in the feedback hub to be reported that their bug has been fixed. She also gave the current options that they can use like SUIFs + email + FBH notifications.

But she has also asked Windows Insiders to give their ideas regarding this change in the feedback process. It is really a good way to take the Insiders’ interaction with Windows team as it will bring Insiders a step closer to the team.

Microsoft seems to be working pretty hard for enhancing the interactions of Windows Insider as they had already said that they would be using the social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mixer, LinkedIn, and Blog Posts more widely for the betterment of the Insider program.

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