Surface Pro
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Microsoft today pushed out a new update for the Surface System for Windows 10 PC. Surface Users can now configure Surface Pen with more specifications. The latest update to the Surface App brings some improvements to the Surface Pen Support for users.

After the latest update Surface Users can now find a new Name Pen Pressure formerly called as Pressure Sensitivity. The new update allows users to reset the Pen pressure of the Surface Pen can be made to work more Precisely and as per users choice.


Microsoft has introduced a new Advanced section which allows users to control the pressure of the pen with accuracy, graphs and percentages. Users can finally test the pen writing mode along with the pencil as well as erasing with a rubber.

The latest update has bumped the app to new version 23.0.602.0 and the update is currently live and can be grabbed by clicking the below link.

Download Surface App for Windows 10