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Bitcoin Miner is one of the best Bitcoin app available on the Windows Store for Windows Phone and PC. The company released a new update to Bitcoin Miner app with improvements and bug fixes. Furthermore, the app is also coming to Xbox One, thanks to UWP.

Bitcoin Miner has updated to version 1.43.0 with improvements in management for system memory. It will now also show a warning message on the device’s screen when the license is invalid. Overall, the performance of Bitcoin Miner has been improved and the bugs have been squashed.

Bitcoin Miner is a free easy-to-use app that lets you earn money from your Windows Phone, PC or tablet. You can use the app at home, work, or on the go and it will let you earn Bitcoin which can be exchanged for real-world currency.

It is a full-fledged Bitcoin app for Windows devices. The app comes with easy to use interface and features such as night mode, profitability reports, power saving mode, mining pool support and much more. You can download Bitcoin Miner for your Windows Phone and PC from the below link.

Download Bitcoin Miner for Windows 10.