Audiobooks from Audible lets you download over 200,000 professionally-narrated audiobooks and periodicals to your device. The app is available for Mobile, PC and even HoloLens. Today, Audiobooks from Audible is getting a new update for Windows 10 Mobile and PC.

The updated version is available for download on the Windows Store with improvements and bug fixes. The layout hasn’t changed but the UI has been tweaked with new icons and more.

Audiobooks from Audible now uses the Windows 10 style icons. Furthermore, the app now has light and dark theme. The overall UI has been polished with today’s release as well.

Audible has also improved the performance of the app. It works smoothly low-end Windows Phones. You can download the updated version of Audiobooks from the below Windows Store link.

Download Audiobooks from Audible for Windows 10.