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Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Build 15063.540 with bug fixes and improvements. The company hasn’t revealed the changes they added with the cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile. While some spotted that Windows 10 Mobile now supports Fitbit notifications. Users also noticed overall performance improvements after installing the update.

Windows Phone users are now having issues when opening the GPS apps. Windows Phone apps which use GPS such as Runtastic, Maps are crashing. The apps based on SilverLight are affected with this bug. You may, however, have similar issues in UWP apps.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the bug but the fix will be released with the next cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile. It is undoubtedly a sad news for Windows Phone users who use the fitness and travel apps.

As Microsoft has promised to support Windows 10 Mobile until 2019, we can expect the bug to be fixed within a few weeks. Are you having issues with the GPS apps on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Bespin

    I had an update bug on GPS Calculator Pro and on HD Camera Roll. My solutions were to set up Onedrive for photo sync (was off) and to downgrade to GPS calculator for now until either a build fixes it or I do a hard reset down the road. My build 15240.

  • Murali Yadav G

    I had a battery problem ..back up of the battery is very low compared to last built to this 15240. Battery stand by is good but useing mobile data battery drain very fastly compare to previos version ..

  • eternal

    where is the source link? !

    • Mayank Parmar

      Can you try again? I have replaced it with translated link, it should be clickable now. I have informed the developer as well, we will fix it soon.

  • Roel

    I have problems with Run The Map, Striver, Happn on my Windows Phone (Microsoft Lumia) since a few days. All those apps use GPS
    Windows Maps keeps on working.

  • Michael O’Hara

    I have started experiencing radio problems when switching between WiFi and cellular. Very annoying.

  • pege63

    Am switching to my Moto4G untill all is fixed with this shitty shit.

  • J Lewis

    i ditched my 950 last year, word to the wise, go apple or android since M$ does not really care about mobile

  • Marianne Fagerstrom

    I can´t use my caleidos runner .. very sad

  • Marianne Fagerstrom

    My caleidos runner doen´t work anymore.. so sad. I hope the bug will be fixed very soon. Lumia microsoft.

  • Cycle Tracks GPS won’t even open. Starts to & crashes. Checked several other fitness mapping apps and every one crashes. Thanks a million, guys!!!

    • Mayank Parmar

      Turn off the GPS and the app will open :D But still useless.

      • You could have turned your phone off, too, before replying, to see how that would go. ʕʘ‿ʘʔ

  • LuisFMW

    Runtastic Pro craches (won’t even open). Waze (my every day maps) its OK :)

  • Thomas Fournier

    Lumia 950 and yes, every GPS-based app crashes, with the exception of Maps Discovery and Endomondo, only if I do not switch to the map view. Annoying as f***, I’m looking forward to applying a patch

    • Mayank Parmar

      Install the new Build 15245, they have fixed it! :D

      • Thomas Fournier

        Thanks… but strange. When I go to Params > Updates and security > Updates and then look for new updates, a message confirms that my system is up to date….

  • Muchor

    Run the Map would not start. Have checked that all available updates are installed. Now, we may only await the patch asap…

  • Oscar GT

    It´s still broken in my Lumia 950…. even though i have just updated my lumia with the last production version 15063.608…. Grrrrrrrrr

  • Adrian J Cox

    Lumia 640 just upgraded to win 10, now my much loved Cycle Tracks GPS refuses to load /update or do anything. V cross.

  • JohnFourtyTwo

    Using a Lumia Icon/929, I noticed a week ago that Waze goes into 7 crash cycles before it works a few minutes and then starts the crash and run cycle all over again.

    This is very annoying and unsafe to say the least.

    Hopefully this can be fixed via a Microsoft update because Waze ignores all Windows Phone problems.

    I’m looking into a cheap android prepaid phone for GPS only because the Icon/929 works great in all other aspects.