Fitbit is gearing up for the launch of their next generation fitness focussed Smartwatch. It is expected to be announced later this year. Today Wareable, has leaked some new images of their upcoming Smartwatch which is believed to be the final product.

Fitbit has a Universal Windows App (UWP) on the Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile Store which supports their devices. The new Fitbit watch will come in three base color variants as you can see from the images below. There is a silver, gold, black case with navy, blue and black strap respectively.

Being a fitness focused watch it features a heart rate sensor similar to the Microsoft band. The device will also have GPS to accurately track your location and also has water resistance up to 50 meters. There is stiff competition currently in the wearable category of devices and this device may help Fitbit occupying a stable position in the market.

Apple and Fitbit are leaders in the higher end wearable market but the lower end wearables from Xiaomi has led it to emerge as the leader in overall wearables sales surpassing Apple in this market. We only hope Fitbit would continue to support their app on Windows Store for their new device.

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