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BlueSky is a new web browser for Windows 10 Mobile and it has some good features. Today, the developers have pushed a major update to BlueSky browser and it brings new features. The browser now supports extension on Windows 10 Mobile and it has also got new features.

A new extension has been published on the Windows Store that lets you download YouTube videos. You will first need to download the browser and in the menu, you’ll find the option to download the extension. However, in theory, it is not an extension as the download button on the YouTube video pages will open the extension app.

The extension named ‘Tubeget for YouTube Bridge’ could also beĀ used without the browser. The overall experience is smooth and the developers will integrate them deeply with the future updates.

The other new feature is the ability to translate web pages. Furthermore, the overall performance has been improved with versionĀ 2.1708.10.0.

Download BlueSky Browser for Windows 10.