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Microsoft has just released a new fast ring build for Windows 10 Mobile. Despite saying that they wouldn’t do so, it looks like they found a healthy build and released it. The build, though still from the feature2 branch, brings some new features. No we are not kidding, there are a few new features with this build.

First of all, Mobile is getting the new Emoji 5.0 and they can be used via the touch keyboard and the emoji panel. Insiders were long demanding the new emoji set and Microsoft has finally added them. Some existing emojis have also got a refresh as part of the update. The second new feature is the support for Lunar Calendar. The Calendar UWP app and any other app can now access the Chinese Lunar Calendar on Mobile.

As for fixes, the build finally fixes the app installation issues present on SD cards. Windows Update notifications have also got fixed. There are no breaking bugs with this build fortunately. Narrator may start speaking in English and sometimes apps may fail to get update through Store. As a workaround, you have to uninstall and reinstall the app to get the new version. There’s also a Continuum Portrait mode bug on the HP Elite x3, but that also has a workaround.

If you don’t get the update now, don’t fret as Microsoft has mentioned that they are staggering the update. You’ll get it within a few hours however. The detailed changelog is available here for people to take a look.

It is good to see that Microsoft is still adding features for Windows 10 Mobile despite all the doom and gloom. Though we may not get CShell and Redstone 3 builds, new features are always welcome for a platform which has been labelled dead and dying.

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