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Microsoft Surface has been an industry redefining product since its inception. It evolved a new category of 2-in-1 devices during the last couple of years which has somehow brought down the halt to declining PC market sales. Every Surface device has the top specs and generally receives consumer as well as critical acclaim.

But the biggest threat to Surface devices has been the problems faced by some consumers like freezes, a particular hardware not responding, touch issues etc as these issues affect the reliability. Microsoft tackles these issues by providing the firmware updates. Due to these issues throughout the year, Consumer Reports has today withdrawn all Microsoft Surface devices from their ‘recommended’ status for devices.

They conducted a survey of 90,000 Surface users and have found out that 25% face problems with their devices within two years of usage. While Microsoft has rejected the Consumer Report’s claim about the reliability of Surface and has issued the statement: “We don’t believe these findings accurately reflect Surface owners’ true experiences or capture the performance and reliability improvements made with every Surface generation”

The Surface Line of devices includes the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. These devices had their share of issues with Hardware and Software in the past. Microsoft now must make sure that they make sure to avoid such issues in the future devices.

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