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Surf World Series, the company behind online Surfing Video games has now launched a new Surfing Vidoe game for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The game is now currently available for download and users can play the game for free.

The full or upgraded version is however available for users at a cost. The game is basically designed for school going children who like to  have enjoy surfing. There are however very less surfing games made available since lot of developers have actually abandoned developing such games.

Users can enjoy the surfing game which brings you to 5 of the most infamous surfing destinations. The users will be made available with various weather conditions and perform intense surfing which include Superman and Sushi Roll against 15 different surfers.

The game is a multiplayer game with online modes like Big Heat Battle, Championship and Survival. Users can upgrade to the full game to design  their own signature with 6 playable characters.

Download Surf World Series Demo