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It’s been more than a year since Microsoft had announced the availability of extensions for Edge browser through Windows Store. And even after this much time, there aren’t many good quality extensions available on the Windows Store. Currently, only a handful of extensions are available and to be exact there are around 50 extensions on the store.

Today there is a new 360 Internet Protection extension available for Edge on Windows Store. This is a Total Internet Security extension for Microsoft Edge which It is based on the malicious URLs of 360 cloud security center. This new extension is capable of identifying dangerous URLs in real time and protect you from web threats. 

Once you install the extension the Anti-fraud, anti-phishing, and anti-malware threat protection features will be enabled automatically. In the past couple of months, there are many new extensions like GetThemAll, Enhancer for YouTube etc. available for Microsoft Edge on the store. And just a week ago, Mailtrack for Gmail and Advanced Password Manager extensions also made their debut for Edge.

You can download the new extension for Internet security on Edge from the Windows Store link from here.

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