The tablet market is slowly seeing a decline at least in the current scenario. The tablet market which has seen the launch of Microsoft’s Surface brand of devices along with Apple’s iPad Models.

If the IDC numbers are anything to go by the sales of Surface Pro and iPad have seen a decline of 3.4% since last year which could be proving that the tablet market is nearing an end of the current hardware life cycle.

Inspite of the launch of the iPad which was lower in price as compared to other top devices the Tablets shipments has seen a decline of 3.4% YOY in 2Q17 to reach 37.9 million. The decline in the tablet market shows the anticipation of consumers who are waiting for some product refreshes from the high profile companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Both the tech giants have recently released some of its refreshed brand of devices targeting the tablet market consumers and are moving toward releasing more such devices in the coming days.