Microsoft hasn’t launched a new Windows Phone for more than a year now. The rumour has it that there won’t be any new Windows Phones from Microsoft this year too. Alcatel has recently launched the Idol 4 Pro in the Europe. While on other hand, it is now difficult to get the carrier-locked Windows Phone in the US.

AT&T and T-Mobile have already abandoned the Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Cricket Wireless and Verizon have had one phone in stock. Cricket Wireless is now no longer selling the Lumia 635 while the Lumia 735 is listed as coming soon on Verizon.

Lumia 735 will be soon back in stock on Verizon but it looks like Cricket Wireless won’t sell Windows Phone anymore. Recently, T-Mobile also ended the sale of the Alcatel Idol 4S in the US.

If you are in the US and looking for a carrier-locked Windows Phone, Lumia 735 is the only available option. You can still buy the unlocked Windows Phones from Microsoft. Nonetheless, it is sad to see the Windows Phones fading into darkness.

  • pege63

    Sweden has stoped selling WP from 2016.12.31 ind the end they was giving away for free the few that was left i got 2 of 550 that was left.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Same here in India. Only refurbished Lumias are available :(.

  • Jose D Sambolin

    This is happening thanks to MICROSOFT,,that have almost abandoned WINDOWS PHONES!!

  • Looks like all waiting for release and developing Windows ARM/x86 phones this October… And Microsoft too with next Surface. I just don’t have other answer on questions like “Why Microsoft still updating Windows, but stop selling phones”. This OS is too much beautiful for just stupid death like this.