Steam user base for Windows 10 version had seen an all time  high of 51.23% last month but the Operating System now sees a decline  compared to Windows 7. The user base on Windows 10 has fallen to 50.49% from a high of 51.23% last month with many of the gamers moving to Windows 7 version of the Operating System from Windows 10.

The reports suggest that the decline in user base has been attributed to the 64 bit version of the Operating System iteration and Windows 10 user base has seen a decline of 0.74% while on the other hand Windows 7 user base had climbed to 36.99% an incremental base of 0.85 percentage points.

Overall the users base for Windows has fallen slightly by 0.74% and now accounts to 96.12% of the complete Steam users. The report also suggest that there has been an increase in percentage of users on Other Operating System where Apple’s OS X/Mac OS grew to 3.11% and Linux has advanced to 0.74%.