Skype on Windows 10 Mobile
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Microsoft’s Skype is currently down for some users. You may not be able to send or receive messages on Skype and Microsoft is aware of this issue. The issue is not only limited to the apps, the Skype web is also having similar issues.

Microsoft’s engineering team is working to find a solution and it would be fixed in some hours. Restarting the phone or reinstalling Skype won’t fix the bug as it is a server side problem.

On the Skype Heartbeat blog, Microsoft confirmed the issue. Microsoft’s Leonas Sendrauskas writes, “We are aware of a problem, where users may not be able to send or receive Skype chat messages. Our engineering team is already on the case.”

Update 8:40 AM (EST): Microsoft has confirmed that the issue has been fixed. Skype is back up after suffering an outage that affected users around the world for 3-4 hours.