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Microsoft recently launched the lightweight LinkedIn app for Android but the app was initially available in India. Today, Microsoft’s LinkedIn is now available to download in more than 60 countries.

LinkedIn Lite app size is less than 1MB and it is designed for low bandwidth areas. The app is currently available for Android probably because of its popularity in India. The app could be later launched for iOS, however, there is no word on Windows Phone version.

“The Android mobile app was inspired by the success of LinkedIn Lite mobile web,” shared Head of LinkedIn India Akshay Kothari in a blog post. Compared to the standard LinkedIn client, LinkedIn Lite size is less than 1MB and can reduce data usage by 80%,” said Kothari.

“It’s a lighter version of our Flagship app and includes all key features such as news feed, profile, networks, messaging, notifications, so our members can stay informed, get ahead in their careers and be more productive,” added Kothari.

The app is available in countries like Philippines, Nigeria. However, LinkedIn Lite is still not available in the US and the UK. You can download the app for Android from the below Play Store link.

Download LinkedIn Lite for Android.