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Windows 10 Mobile Build 15063.502 is now rolling out to Windows Insiders on the Release Preview Ring. The update is also available for some users on the Production Ring. The same cumulative update has been released for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets.

The cumulative update for both Windows 10 Mobile and PC includes bug fixes. Microsoft has published a detailed changelog for PCs but again Windows 10 Mobile has been ignored.

We assume that Windows 10 Mobile Builds 15063.502 has improved the overall performance and fixed some bugs. If your phone has Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update installed, you can get updates by navigating to Settings > Updates & Security and checking for updates.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar earlier confirmed in her tweet that a new build could be released to Windows 10 Mobile and PCs on the Fast Ring later today. Again, the update is likely to only include bug fixes and improvements.

Have you installed the new cumulative update on your Windows Phone? Share your experience in the comments below.

  • jebeniindijci

    F*** YOU AND YOUR TITLES – f****** insiders, NO ONE CARE WHEN YOU HAVE UPDATES! put info that it is for INSIDERS!@ kickbite shit

    • Mayank Parmar

      Calm down. Insiders are still important for Microsoft and Windows 10!

      • Rob Guy

        You TOTALLY missed why he’s irritated. It has nothing to do with you providing this announcement for Insiders and everything to do with the title of your article. Like jebeniindijci, I clicked on the article expecting to see there was a new release for my Lumia 950 on the production ring, only to find out that it was for Insiders and feeling like I wasted my time. Time and time again journalist do two things:

        1) For some F***ing reason journalist LOVE to flip/flip on how/when they use “Windows Phone” vs. “Windows Mobile” nomenclature. Case in point -> “Windows Phone Is Officially Dead!” What the H*LL! Oh.. you mean Windows 8.1 Phone, F***ing Click-Bait, this is as much news as saying “iOS 9.x is dead.” NOBODY CARES!

        2) In-ability to put in their titles the word “Insider Fast Ring,” “Insider Slow Ring,” “Insider Release Preview” or “Production” when announcing information about Windows Mobile (the not-dead Windows “Phone” OS) so that the different groups know when to click on the link to read up.

        • Mayank Parmar

          Hi Rob,

          I had no intention to mislead you or others. There’s a character limit. Anyways, I have changed the title and it looks better now.

          Please accept my apologies for the disturbance caused. And thank you for the feedback! :)

  • rafael Naves

    For Lumia users the update will be available on tuesday 8 and not today.

  • Peter Paul Johnson

    Mayank Parmar: Your articles are misleading, confusing and inaccurate still. You share bad information. This is do not a good “journalist”! I hope you delete my post again!

    • Mayank Parmar

      Peter, thank you for the feedback. I’ve changed the title to show the correct information.

      • Peter Paul Johnson

        Thank You.

  • Murali Yadav G

    Its normal update or insider update ..?

    • Mayank Parmar

      Currently available on the Release Preview Ring.

  • pege63

    The higher the number the FW gets, the worse it becomes makes no sence!