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Back in April, Google promised to introduce a built-in adblocker into its Chrome browser on all platforms. Chrome Canary on Android and Windows 10 has picked up a new update and it brings the new ad-blocker feature.

As earlier confirmed by Google, the built-in ad-blocker will block the unacceptable ads. Google AdSense ads are not being blocked by the Chrome’s ad-blocker. However, pop-up, video, sticky ads will be blocked. For example, Chrome’s default ad-blocker wouldn’t be able to block the ads we display on Windows Latest.

You will be also able to whitelist the websites but the feature is currently not available. Furthermore, Chrome will soon ask the users to disable the third-party ad-blocker and pay for the subscription free to go ad free.

You will need to download the Chrome Canary version from here. In Chrome Canary, navigate to Content settings > Ads > to view the settings. At the moment, the ad-blocker is enabled by default.