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When Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, only 13 phones were eligible for the update. Microsoft is not even supporting flagship phones such as the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520.

A change on the Windows Insider website has now confirmed that some unsupported phones could receive the latest updates via the Insider program. Supported device list now includes Lumia 930, 830 and even some low-end devices.

Unfortunately, this list is not true. Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar has confirmed on Twitter that the change is an error and they will rectify it soon. The change is still visible on the new Windows Insider website at the time of our writing.

Windows Phone fans blame Microsoft for abandoning its own mobile platform but the future of Windows 10 Mobile could be bright as the company is internally testing a major update for the OS.

Are you still using an unsupported Windows Phone?

  • Ahmed Hassan

    Yes I have lumia 540 Dual Sim and try to upgrade to creator update and downloaded interop Tools(Preview) and try changed my device configuration with interop tools to receiving updates as lumia 950 xl , and I has success to update my device to creator update , but after update I usually suffer from blind black screen bug error and always my device hang when I close screen and try to open screen again , after long time I has obligate to downgrade my device to windows phone 8.1 the original version of my device, after that I downloaded windows phone 8.1 recovery tools and downgrade my device to windows 8.1 then download upgrade advisor from store and successful to upgrade to windows 10 again but it back me to earlier version of windows 10 1511 then I try again to upgrade my device to anniversary update and now my device is stable with my current version of windows I think it at version 14939.4.. , and working fine…

  • 930 user. So close. Damn!

  • Ahmed Hassan

    do you know Interop Tools(Preview) , this apps change the phone configuration to any model you want for example , I made my phone configuration as lumia 950 xl , and when you go to setting – about to see phone model , you will see device name is : lumia 950xl , but in fact it is lumia 540 dual sim , and in this case the device can recieve update from Microsoft as lumia 950xl. for more information about changing device configuration you can watch this video , but I don’t advise to do that.

    • 000

      Yes I know Interop Tools … but in my opinion is not a good idea to change drastically the configuration. For a lumia 540 you can set at 650, you must use the more recent device with the similar category, you cant set the configuration of an high end device on a “poor” device.
      An example (if you like car tunning): is like put the engine map of 488 to Ferrari on a Dacia Logan …

      • Ahmed Hassan

        Do you tried to change your device configuration with yourself for that device , perhaps I take your opinion and change my device configuration to lumia 650 but I fear the result appear like past mistake that I made…

        • Anthony McIntosh

          trust me, it will work alot better than the last time. The OS will configure itself for hardware that is closer to your Lumia 540. This is more practical than it configuring itself for a powerful device.

        • 000

          Personally I don’t try, because I have a Xiaomi mi4 with Windows10mobile and I’m on Creator Update. But I talked with a lot of peoples that did the hack. In my opinion you can also try the 550 settings, but is better if you check the specifics of your device and check what supported device fits better(similar processor, ram, display resolutions, functions, etc…). You can also ask directly to creator of Interop, Gustave is on twitter @gus33000.

  • Jose Belluga

    Yes, Lumia Icon, downloading the July update right now.