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The Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard and Mouse are now available for purchase at the Microsoft Store. You can get the Keyboard and Mouse for the Surface Devices if you are in the China, US and Canada. Microsoft announced the accessories last month with a premium design. The Modern Keyboard and Mouse are designed for the Surface Studio but it works on any device.

One of the unique feature on Microsoft Modern Keyboard is the built-in fingerprint scanner. It functions quickly and lets you log into your PC with your fingerprint. Microsoft says fingerprint sensor is subtly hidden in a normal-looking key. You can use a cable or the PC’s Bluetooth to pair the Keyboard and Mouse.

Both Keyboard and Mouse are good looking accessories and also matches the look of Surface Studio. Once fully charged, the keyboard will last up to four months. On other hand, Mouse needs to be fully charged once a year.

You can get the Modern Keyboard for $130 while the Mouse is available for just $50. You can purchase them by visiting the Microsoft Store.