Microsoft is now busy shaping up the next version of Windows 10 the Fall Creators Update. It’s a major feature update for PCs and Tablets after the Creators Update that was available from April 2017. However yesterday Microsoft had announced that they are going to remove some features from Windows 10 with the upcoming update.

Microsoft had posted on their support page that Paint is among them that will be deprecated. Since this news, many users on twitter are going nostalgic over the deprecation of the Paint app. They have surely been thinking as if they won’t be able to use the Paint app on Windows anymore.

But the reality is that it will not be present on the upcoming versions of Windows and older PCs having Paint can continue to use it. All Windows 10 Creators Update or lower devices can continue to use it. Microsoft has many times reiterated that they consider Mixed reality and artificial intelligence as the future of computing. And Paint 3D will play an important part in introducing 3D content for education purpose inside the Mixed reality world.

So focusing on the new Paint 3D is a good move considering the direction in which Microsoft has been moving in since last few years after the arrival of their current CEO Satya Nadela.