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A couple of days ago, Microsoft had announced that they are going to remove some features from Windows 10 with Fall Creators Update. It’s a major feature update for PCs and Tablets after the Creators Update that was available from April 2017. Microsoft had posted on their support page that Paint is among them that will be deprecated.

Today, Microsoft has themselves cleared the confusion around the fate of Paint app by announcing the availability of Paint app on Windows Store soon. Microsoft has said they are very happy to see so much love for our trusty old app. Microsoft had even mentioned that the new Paint 3D has many of the Paint 2D features and at the same time has new 3D painting features.

MS Paint was trending on Twitter in India after this news broke out and many users on Twitter were going nostalgic over the deprecation of the Paint app. Users thought they won’t be able to use the Paint app on Windows anymore. We also tried to clear the confusion by writing an article.

MS Paint fans would now be surely happy to hear this news and can rejoice. Microsoft did not gave us any details when the app for Store will be available.