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Windows Insider program has lost its way is a trending topic among Microsoft enthusiasts. It goes without saying that fewer preview builds are being released to PCs and Phones. And even this week Microsoft hasn’t rolled out any new preview build to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar who is the head of Windows Insider program has now confirmed that there wouldn’t be any new builds this week. Almost 10 days ago, Microsoft released a preview build for Windows 10 PCs and Mobile. The update had some improvements and bug fixes for both PC and Mobile.

The upcoming builds for PCs and Mobile wouldn’t contain any major changes. Microsoft is done with the development of new features on the Fall Creators Update. The future builds are now supposed to only bring improvements and bug fixes. The case is same with Windows 10 Mobile.

Later today, Microsoft is also going to end the final bug bash for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Microsoft would begin the out of Fall Creators Update in Autumn (2017). Windows 10 Mobile is not receiving any new features with the Fall Creators Update.

  • awaid

    can someone please tell me the link where you check which win10 mobile app updated when

    I forgot the link but I see it here on windowslatest

    It’s a store link that tells you when the app was updated when manually by entering app name

    Please reply


  • Gn Re

    Setting / apps / apps and features.
    here you see a list of installed apps with date last updated

  • This happens every time before the public release. In the last period they send less builds to insiders because there are not many changes to do other then bug fixing. It is pointless to send a new build for a few bugs. most likely insiders don’t submit as much feedback as they used to… maybe because there are less insiders left.