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Microsoft has today announced in their blog post that Windows Template Studio 1.2 is now available in the Visual Studio. Template Studio is a Visual Studio Extension that guides users in creating new projects for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Microsoft has also mentioned that they are now accepted into the .NET Foundation.

The Improvements into the Template Studio Wizard are:

  • You can now add new content by right clicking in solution window to existing WTS generated projects. Microsoft has also said that they are looking for a way to add contents for non-WTS generated projects.
  • They have now adjusted the order of templates which is based on popularity and logical groupings.
  • There is some Logo adjustment done as well for helping at smaller icon sizes.

Microsoft has also added two new Feature updates in this version of WTS which are the First-time load prompt for the apps and a What’s New prompt after updates. If you have already installed the previous version then Visual Studio would auto update the extension.

You can also force an update by going to Tools->Extensions and Updates and then select Update expander on the left and click “Update” below the Windows Template Studio text there. If you have not installed its previous version then you can go to this page. Click on “download” and then double click the offline VSIX installer.

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