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Ryken developers have been working very hard in developing the unofficial Youtube App MyTube for Windows Phone users. The team has been constantly working on releasing new update to its Beta version with new features and fixes for testing before pushing them to the stable version of the application.

The team has yet again released a new update for its MyTube Beta Application for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The app has been updated to version The update is a pretty major one and comes with new features along with fixes for the app on all devices.

Below is the changelog:

– More subtle visual separation between sections
– Player controls now take 0.5 seconds longer to disappear
– Description text box for creating a new playlist now wraps text onto new lines
– Returned polls to developer messages
– (PC) Fixed bug where the app may crash while switching between light and dark theme
– (PC) Added light acrylic brush noise (Thanks Sergio!)
– (Xbox) Fixed issue where the Now Playing popup would not get focus
– (Xbox) Fixed issue where focus was allowed to leave some popups such as the playlist popup
– (Xbox) Improved controller navigation algorithm.

The app is available for download on PC, Mobile, Xbox and is a good replacement for the Official Youtube App which is unavailable for Windows users. The latest update to the Beta application is currently live and users can download it from the below Windows Store link.

Download MyTube Beta for Windows Phone