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Luminar is coming to Windows 10 as beta stage program. It is a powerful photo editor for Windows 10 which is also free of cost.  All you need to download the app is to first sign up as the beta tester. Luminar is a professional photo editor tool that can process complex images in an efficient way. Being free and easily accessible to even beginners makes it a really cool photography tool.

The major features available are as follows:

  • The software has adaptable User Interface which will be fitting according to the photographer’s abilities and preferences.
  • It also integrates over 50 predefined styles in this beta version that can be used for free by any user.
  • You also get more than 30 photo filters.
  • You can also convert RAW files with support for the latest libraries.

The program requires Intel Core i5 processor and 1GB of GPU memory with RAM more than 8 GB for running the editor smoothly. The developers are hoping to make the final version perfect for everyone by bringing it to the beta program. To join the beta program just go this link and register yourself.

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