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Ryken developers have been working very hard to improve the Windows Phone unofficial Youtube client MyTube. The developers have pushed out another new update to its Beta application for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The latest update brings some major fixes to the Beta Application.

Below is the full changelog:

3.0.11 – Added “Add to queue” context menu item, allowing you to add a video to play automatically after the current video ends
– Added “Now Playing” button to video player (top right), which shows the videos in the current playlist
– (PC/Mobile) Adjusted margin and padding of buttons in the account control to reach the edges of the control (better reveal lighting)
– (PC/Mobile) Visual separation between the sections of the home page and video page
– (PC/Mobile) Added ability to change thumbnail size
– (PC/Mobile) Default thumbnail size is now smaller (original size is now “Large” in settings)
– (PC/Mobile) Fixed bug where clicking “View channel” on the search page could cause a crash
– (PC/Mobile) The minimized video player will now move out of the way of the buttons when selecting multiple items in a list
– (PC) Fixed issue with lighting not disappearing from account section when mouse is moved
– (PC) More subtle lighting
– (PC) Video page: Realigned share button to the center of the subscribe button when shown on large displays
– (PC) Added app title text

The above changelog shows that the developers have put some hard work in adding new features along with fixing some minor issues  this time for Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile.

The latest update for the MyTube Beta application is currently live and users can download it by clicking the below Store link

Download MyTube Beta for Windows 10