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Uber, the widely used app-cab service has updated their Windows 10 app today. The update is rolling for both Mobile and PC users and bumps the version number to bringing some much needed features.

The update finally adds a Your Trips section in the app. As the name suggests, clicking on it will bring up all your trips made via the app-cab service. The layout appears neat, with the trip layout in Google maps, the date and time of the trip, the fare and even the make and model of the cab.

Clicking on the a trip reveals the trip details, with part by part breakage of the fare. The driver name and his picture is also given. This is a pretty neat addition to the already feature lacking Windows 10 app. While the iOS and Android apps are loads better, the Windows app is still behind by a bit.

The update is now rolling out and you can grab it by clicking the link below,

Uber for Windows 10



  • Jose D Sambolin

    I tried to update the UBER app… and I could not do it… So I deleted the original app that I had on my Lumia 950XL… and still can not install it!!!! I am MAD!!

    • Stranger_Hanyo

      Try changing the app installation location to your internal storage instead of SD card.

      • Jose D Sambolin

        Thank for the advise,,can you tell me how I can change the storage place,,, because when I start the download,,it automatically tries to install in the SD Card?

        • Stranger_Hanyo

          Glad to hear that! If you have any problems, feel free to comment below!