Image Courtesy: Microsoft & Acer

Acer had already started taking pre-orders for it’s Windows Mixed Reality headset in May 2017. And Today, a HoloLens developer Sean OG on YouTube posted his first hand on experience of the Mixed reality headset that he received from Microsoft. The headset itself is very light when compared to the stand alone Augmented reality Hololens headset from Microsoft. This headset as you know will require the connection to your PC via a HDMI cable and a USB 3.0 connection. Currently you can control the pointer in the headset using a XBox controller but Microsoft had already announced their controllers for the Mixed Reality Platform during BUILD 2017.Here’s the video:

The Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality headset is available for $299 from their online store. The device has two high-resolution liquid crystal displays at a resolution of 1440 x 1440. It has a Front hinged display with 95 degrees horizontal field of view. The display refresh rate up to 90 Hz (native) and it also features built-in audio out and microphone support through 3.5mm jack.
It also supports the single cable with HDMI 2.0 (display) and USB 3.0 (data) for connectivity. Furthermore, it comes with 4.0 meter cable.

Well Microsoft along with its partners are pretty much ahead in the Mixed Reality space.