Windows 10 Laptop PC
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Gartner has released their prediction report for Worldwide device shipments where they are expecting a overall drop of 0.3% in devices sold in 2017 worldwide. They have mentioned in their report that device buyers are nowadays prioritizing Quality and Functionality and are not looking at price alone. Consumers are more keen on buying premium quality products which may be more costly as compared to other cheaper alternatives which are compromising in quality.

Gartner have reiterated the the fact that PC shipments are on pace to drop and will be 3 percent in 2017. But they have also said that decline in shipments is slowing since the rate of decline is slower this year when compared to past few years. One or the reason for this is the fact that Windows 10 new devices are being considered by the enterprises.

They have said that now many organizations are out of their evaluation periods for latest Microsoft’s operating system. Windows 10 are now ready to adopt their enterprise for new PCs as it will be providing better security and newer hardware. Even the recent ransomware attacks have made the companies to rethink their strategy of resisting the adoption of more secure Windows 10 OS.