The inventor of Xbox One S, Eddie Zarick is now out with his new creation named as XStation. XStation is an ultimate Xbox One and PS4 combination console which combines the best of both platforms in one gaming console.

The new invention XStation features an HDMI out and a main power port on the back and two USB ports on the back. The XStation also has a disc slot and eject buttons for games on the front side along with an LED indicator to show that the console is on. Green Light represents the Xbox side and Blue represents the use of the PlayStation.

However, Zarick confirms that both the Xbox One and PS4 can’t be used at the same time and there is no reason for it. He demonstrates in the below video on how one can switch between the Xbox and PS4 using the button on the console.

YouTube video

The HDMI Splitter helps in the transition between both the two consoles. He also specifies the fact that the motherboards of the consoles are sitting inside, one upside down, and the heat sinks are aligned in such a way that both the systems are kept cool.

It will be difficult to use both consoles at the same time since the XStation takes the power and transfers it to the other side and hence you will need to turn one console off before switching to the other.

Zarick says that the XStation is not a mass production product like his Xbox or Playstation laptops since it has been made as just as a fun project for showing that both the consoles can be made into one and have a seamless gaming experience on both.

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