Petya Ransomware
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Two Major ransomware attack had shocked the world in last 2 months. Wannacry affected a large number of countries while Petya Ransomware also known as Petwrap is spreading rapidly. Petya ransomware also uses the exploit in SMBv1 which allows it to duplicate itself throughout network systems but only with a small difference between them. Microsoft has today stated that Windows 10 is unaffected by this latest ransomware attack. Microsoft’s telemetry data has revealed that most of the computers affected are running Windows 7.

Petya had affected nearly 20000 computers at corporates across countries like Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, India, and Europe and it is demanding $300 in bitcoins to unlock the files. 70% of the affected computers are from Ukraine (the most affected until now). Microsoft has also mentioned that this new Petya ransomware is more complex than the Wannacry because of better spreading mechanisms. The main reason for the complexity is that it has been using the second exploit in SMBv1.

Microsoft had released their patches on windows update and only those PCs are affected which had not installed them. Microsoft has recommended users to download those patches from the Windows Update to get yourself protected from these kinds of attacks.