Windows 10 growth has slowed down over the past few months and the latest report from Net Market Share has revealed the same. While surprisingly Windows XP has regained some market share from 5.66% in May 2017 to 6.94% in June 2017. And in the same duration Windows 7 has lost slight market share from 49.46% to 49.04%. Windows 10 has seen a very slight increase but it will be considered stagnant largely. It gained small increase from 26.78% to 26.80%.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 almost two years ago and they had expected Windows 10 to run on 1 billion devices in two to three years. Recently, the company revealed that Windows 10 has over 400 Million users. However, achieving the 1 Billion devices target still seems impossible for the company. One of the major reasons for this can be considered as less adoption of Windows 10 by the enterprises which are resistant toward it. But we may now see some enterprises upgrading their PCs to Windows 10 after the back to back two worldwide Ransomware attacks on the PCs running Windows XP and 7.

Yesterday we had reported that Microsoft India will offer a discount on Windows 10 upgrades on Govt. of India’s request and a month ago US Defense Department has also sped up their Windows 10 Migration by Year’s End.

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