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Microsoft has announced their Dream.Build.Play 2017 challenge for game developers. Microsoft had organized this type of challenge in the past but this year’s challenge is the biggest of all in terms of prize money which will offer $200,000 to winners in 4 different categories of games. Microsoft says the challenge is now open to all game developers who are either working solo or in teams of up to seven.

Microsoft has given four categories of games that will be considered for this challenge.

Cloud-powered game: Those games which will be using Azure Cloud Services on the backend. Developers using multiple services of Azure will get more points.
Grand Prize: $100,000 USD

PC game: Windows 10 game published on the Windows Store and more points for using Cortana or Inking like features.
Grand Prize: $50,000 USD

Mixed reality game: Games that would allow players to interact with the 3D content of the virtual space. Judges will give more points to games having audio content.
Grand Prize: $50,000 USD

Console game: Games based on UWP for the Xbox One console family and it must have at least presence at Xbox Live.
Grand Prize: $25,000 USD

Developers can create these UWP games from any of the categories by December 31, 2017. Results of this challenge will be announced on March 20th, 2018. Visit this page for more details.

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