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Microsoft from some time has been working on providing users with new and innovative ways to unlock their Windows 10 devices. The company is now partnering with Token to bring Windows 10 users a new way to unlock their Windows 10 devices.

Token will be offering a ring that will enable users to unlock Windows 10 PC, a car lock, door lock which requires a biometric password. This new unlocking feature is expected to arrive in December 2017.

This new biometric unlocking system will provide Windows 10 users with a new way to stay secure and not use the usual need of creating and using passwords. Microsoft has said that 80% of the users are currently using the same passwords across multiple accounts which is making it easy for hackers to access passwords.

This new Biometric ring will compatible with the company’s creation Windows Hello which is fast and an alternative for using passwords to unlock Windows 10 devices. Windows Hello is fast and has a reliable enterprise level security to protect from malicious online threats.

By partnering with Token the company is providing an additional level of security for Windows 10 device users without having to actually remember passwords.