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icrosoft had introduced the Compact Overlay Windows feature for their Movies and TV app in the Windows 10 Creators Update build. Microsoft has said that they would be bringing this in other apps as well and developers can also use it in their apps. The compact Overlay is an app window like picture-in-picture that is shown above other windows so that it not blocked. And Today Microsoft has updated the Groove Music app of Windows 10 with the support of compact overlay that enables the app’s mini mode for music playback to be visible above any other window. This will allow users to do multitask and change the music without having to go to app or taskbar.

The new mini-music player will show the album art along with three music playback options. The size of the compact overlay windows can also be changed. Microsoft’s Groove is one of the few apps from Microsoft that has more features when compared to their iOS or Android counterparts. It’s good to see Microsoft bringing new features for their Groove music service and at the same time with the new fluent design, these apps now look beautiful as well. But Windows 10 mobile version of Groove is not getting attention nowadays.


  • Gn Re

    Well nice to get improvements not too many users are waiting for.
    When will we get a version what shows albums / songs / artists (and maybe also folders) what are really stored in the directories? Until now Groove is not able to update its database whenever new songs are placed into library, or information is changed in libraries. We still have to delete the database (in the Zune directories!?!) to evoke a refresh! Shame on you M$.

    • M Rankin

      is all your saved in the music folder