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AdDuplex has published the new reports and it has revealed some minor changes in market share of Windows Phone operating systems. The statistic confirms that Windows 10 Mobile owns the 20% of the overall Windows Phones market share.

Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update to selected Windows Phones and it seems almost everyone have already updated their phones to Creators Update. We know that around 60% of Windows 10 Phones are eligible for Creators Update and now over 59% of Windows 10 Mobiles are already running Creators Update.

AdDuplex also noted that as more Windows Phone 8.x users are abandoning the operating system for Android and iOS, the market share of Windows 10 Mobile has increased. The trend is likely to accelerate as more users are going to abandon unsupported Windows Phones for other platforms.

Last time AdDuplex noted, “this could be attributed to the likely enthusiast nature of most people still using Windows 10 Mobile or much more limited variety of hardware.”

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