Apple announced their latest platform for AR called as ARKit at the launch event of their new iPads that will enable the developers to build augmented reality objects for their apps easily. Apple showed how with the help of ARKit users will be able to place these AR objects in the real-time camera view on the iPhone. Now a video has surfaced that shows how a developer Matthew Hallberg has built Microsoft’s Minecraft AR experience using the Apple’s ARKit for the iOS users. Here’s is the video of this:

YouTube video

The app will allow users to place the Minecraft blocks in their area in real time as you can also see in the video. Then you can roam around them to have a look at them from different angles and would look to us as if they were real blocks placed there. You can also destroy your creation with the available crafting and destruction mechanics same as on the original game.

Microsoft also showed a similar type of experience when they showed how the upcoming update to the view3d app will allow users to bring their creations of Paint3d in the real world. While Microsoft does have the Hololens for AR which has been there in the market for developers for a long time and has been gearing up for consumer release version in future but the lack of firepower in the Mobile front may cause a dent to their AR vision.