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SwiftKey has today announced the launch of transliteration support on SwiftKey for Tamil language speakers. Transliteration is a feature for SwiftKey keyboards that allows any language to be written in your smartphone by spelling them phonetically with your keyboard and then SwiftKey will provide the correct predictions for the language you have chosen. They have also announced that Indian languages like Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu and Kannada will now be available in beta. After improving their accuracy in beta stage for few months it will be released to all people in later part of this year.

Now when a user types a Hindi or English word he will be provided text predictions for the same word in the Tamil language that would make writing in local languages very easy. Microsoft had last year bought SwiftKey and the company is continuously releasing new updates to the app. We are yet to see the introduction of SwiftKey technology in the backend of Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft had earlier stated that they will integrate SwiftKey technology with their Guinness World Record Word Flow technology for Windows in the coming months.

We hope Microsoft would bring a lot of changes soon to the on-screen keyboard for Windows 10 as Windows on ARM will be able to bring cheaper Windows 10 tablets in the market.

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