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Microsoft which currently sells only developer edition of their Augmented Reality headset Hololens has given developers an opportunity to develop amazing apps and games. Recently a developer had used Hololens showing a great alternative inside an airplane in US where currently there is a laptop ban. Now an AR game developer Abhishek Singh has been able to recreate a real life iconic game of Super Mario Bros.

He has also posted a youtube video where he has played the first level of the game while wearing HoloLens in New York’s Central Park. The best part was that he dressed as Mario while playing. Have a look at Abhishek playing the iconic game in this video.

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Microsoft is currently working on launching its Hololens, the consumer-ready version of Hololens mixed reality headset. We have been hearing about the Mixed Reality Headset for quite some time now. We had earlier reported that the Redmond Giant is gearing up to launch its Hololens Headset with V3 in 2019. At Computex last June, Microsoft said that it hopes to see 80 million VR devices in consumers’ hands by 2020. Hololens is currently been improved by Microsoft and developers to make it a consumer-ready AR device for the future when Microsoft expects Market of AR to flourish.