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Lenovo at its Transform event in New York revealed details of its Laptop concept with a flexible screen. The device which is a concept device with a Laptop like form factor has a unibody design with screen that is bendable.

The device is supposed to have a full keyboard with stylus support have the ability to communicate on multiple inputs. The company says the laptop could rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The company says that the Laptop prototype will not have a touch pad instead the mouse functions will be carried out via voice commands and features a red TrackPoint button mounted within the Keyboard.

Lenovo has confirmed that the device is just a concept device with flexible display which could turn out to be the future of computing. The company had earlier showed a foldable phone concept that bends over your wrist like a bracelet.

The company is currently working on the foldable concept Laptop and there are chances that such concept might never see the light of the day. So users are advised to take this news with a pinch of salt.

Lenovo is not the only company which is working on a foldable concept device. We had reported earlier that Samsung and Microsoft are also working on a foldable phone with flexible display which can be turned into a tablet.