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We earlier reported that Instagram Stories had reached 200 million daily active users. Today there are new reports coming in with Instagram Stories having reached a new milestone with 250 Million Daily active users as of April 2017.

The Number of Daily Active Users on Instagram Stories is higher as compared to that of Snapchat Stories which is currently at 166 Million daily active users. Overall the Instagram app is now used by 700 Million Monthly Active users around the Globe.

Instagram Stories is a Snapchat Stories Clone which was launched in the month of October by the Facebook Owned company and has seen a more than steady growth in Number of Daily Active Users which started from 100 Million in October to 250 Million Daily Active Users in April.

The Facebook owned company has made sure to keep on improving the app by introducing new creative tools to location stories and has seen strong growth both in US and other countries.

The Growth rate of the Instagram Stories has picked up speed and has seen at least 50 million users being added in the last two months as compared to earlier 50 Million active users which took three months. The Instagram Stories is growing at a healthy percentage of 25% per quarter in comparison to Snapchat Stories which has seen a drop from 17.2 percent in Q2 2016 to 5 percent in Q1 of 2017.